by Holden Stern

Looking for a simple lure that always catches fish? If you asked me to dig into my lure bag and choose one lure that I’d use for the rest of my life, it would have to be the Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow, or SP minnow. I’ve been using this shallow swimming lure for quite some time and there’s a reason why.

Why Daiwa SP minnow?

– The SP minnow is an easy casting lure that does an exceptional job casting long distances.
– The hooks that come with the lure are strong and last.
– The lure requires minimal finesse for effective action.
– The SP minnow is affordable at just under $10
– The SP minnow handles rough water and strong current very well.

What’s the retrieve?

There are a few different retrieves that I found work best for striped bass. My absolute favorite retrieve for this lure is slow slow slow! Especially at night, you want to move the lure as slow as possible to give it a crawling side sweeping action. I also tend to gently lift the rod every few cranks of the reel, for an erratic motion that gives off the effect of a wounded bait fish. Stripers tend to hit the lure like a ton of bricks right after that rod tip lowers.

For daytime fishing, I like the steady retrieve method. This is perhaps the easiest retrieve of any lure. Alternating those gentle rod lifts will help the action but are not necessary to catch fish.

Don’t hesitate to change up retrieve patterns. I’ve caught big striped bass from fast aggressive retrieves. *NOTE: What ever retrieve you choose, be sure to reel all the way to your feet before picking up to cast again. A lot of times big stripers will chase that lure right up in 2 or 3 feet of water.*

What colors should I use?

As fly fisherman always say, you want to match the hatch. Surf fishing is no different. If bunker are the primary bait fish around, then aim for the yellow bunker pattern. Mackerel? Go for the blue mackerel pattern.  Daiwa SP Minnow best colors to keep in mind that universally catch fish are the bone, black, and classic minnow. Bone is my go-to color during the day, because it contrasts well with the water during daylight. Black is my favorite night-time lure for the same reason. You cant go wrong with the generic silver minnow, as it imitates a vast selection of various baitfish that could be around.

Don’t limit yourself with this lure. I’ve caught gator bluefish, sea robbins, and even fluke! Play around with different patterns and retrieves and find out what works for you. Fishing is not a science, it is personal preference coupled with personal experience.

Tight lines!