by Holden Stern

Cape Cod has long been a fishing destination for enthusiasts alike. I was fortunate to get the invite to spend memorial day weekend in the Cape with an old buddy of mine. We woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning to embark on a trek to the coast. We were staying about 15 minutes inland in Brewster, MA at a traditional “cape style” house with a rustic deck that overlooked the land. Today’s mission: Bike over to Harding Beach in Chatam to search for some healthy Cape Cod striped bass. After a relaxing morning yoga sesh, we pumped up our bike tires, loaded our rods into our backpacks, and set out for the bike path.

The weather was perfect; cool and breezy. As we reached the path and navigated our way to the coast, it was hard not to get distracted by the beautiful landscapes: the kind you only see in old paintings. Picturesque lakes, littered with cottages and an abundance of trees swaying in the breeze.

13 Miles later, we made it. I immediately noticed fisherman plotted along the coastline, throwing what seemed to be an array of soft plastics. I asked one gentlemen how the fishing was, in which he replied that he and his wife had both caught 1 schoolie each, about 18-20inches. Despite the fatigue from a 13 mile bike ride, this gave me plenty of motivation to get fishing.

I threw a 5″ zoom super fluke in white sparkle. The retrieve was slow, with a repetitive twitch twitch. My third cast I had a decent bite but missed it. Next cast I had a fish on, a nice snack-sized striper probably 14 inches long. As I made my way along the surf, I caught 2 more of these small schoolies with nothing sizable to show for. My buddy and I were getting hungry so we made our last casts and started our 13 mile bike ride back home.

Cape cod is absolutely underrated for its freshwater fishing. Sunday morning we decided to launch my buddy’s two person kayak at the pond across the street from where we were staying. Armed with a fresh bag of rubber worms, a rattle trap, and a gold Phoebe, we got the lines wet. My buddy started to pick up some yellow perch with the phoebe, but no dice for me. The bite died down and we decided to push the kayak into the back left corner of the pond where a bed of lily pads and weeds scattered along the water for a good distance. I slung a fat unweighted senko in the watermelon pattern. Plop! That sucker must of hit a bass right in the head, because I immediately had a fish on. Through the weeds and all, I managed to land a healthy and chunky largemouth bass. I released her and not long after, my buddy was hooked up on 6 pound test. Didn’t think he’d bring her to the boat, but sure enough the line held tough and we boated another healthy cape cod bass. We continued to fish the weeds, caught a nice pickerel, and had a handful of other takes, but just couldn’t manage a good hook-set without getting hung-up. Equally satisfied, we headed in for lunch.

There’s never enough time in a weekend to fish as much as i’d truly like. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have fished the Cape this past weekend, and hope to return soon to target big stripers in the Canal. I did end up stopping briefly on the way home to cast a couple lines into the canal. No fish, but managed a cool picture of the bridge overlooking the water.

Till next time.