by Holden Stern

They say that any day of fishing is great, no matter if you catch a fish or not. I followed the same mantra until recently. Moving to a new part of the state, I’ve had to rewind and discover productive fishing spots all over again which has been a frustrating struggle. Needless to say, I’ve been getting skunked more often than I’d like, but today I beat the skunk.

For the first time, I hit a wild trout area that goes unstocked in Easton, CT. The area is catch and release, and only allows fisherman to fish with a single barbless hook.

As I made my way down to the stretch of narrow stream, I observed the water flow. After yesterday’s downpour, water levels were high and the steam was roaring. I tossed on a gold 1/8oz phoebe and cast upstream. First cast I had a fish on, but it jumped and shook the hook.

I made my way upstream looking for deep mellow pools to fish. As I swung my line downstream, I saw a flash of fish inspect my lure. I tossed the phoebe back in the same direction, reeled slowly and sure enough, I had a fish on. A beautiful native brookie. The fish wasn’t huge but its colors were beautiful. There’s something elegant about wild brook trout that can only be expressed through observation.

I continued to travel up river for a mile or so, stopping at every pool of slower water to fish. Sure enough, the native brookies were hungry and the phoebe proved to be an enticing snack. All in all, I caught 5 brookies ranging from 5-11 inches.

Be back soon, probably with the fly rod.

Easton, CT
Easton, CT