by Jon Waldstein

When my girlfriend informed me that I had to drive her to the airport one morning at 4 am, I figured it would be a perfect excuse to get some pre-dawn action in before work.  When I got to the water it was still pitch-black out.  There were a couple guys out there partaking in a friendly rotation, which I gradually joined, and gave me the report of a few schoolies throughout the night.

On my first cast, I got slammed by a familiar bite. It was aggressive and got my adrenaline pumping at 6 am. I reeled her in after a nice fight and was pleasantly surprised by the size. It was slow over the next half-hour until the sun started to peak up and I threw on a popper. After a few casts, I was startled by a big fish that threw my lure up in the air. It was on! I pumped the popper like a madman and the fish came back for revenge. I watched her jump two feet in the air and slam the lure. After an extended fight, I got her on the rocks. It was none other than a gator blue. Say what you will about blues, but they really are a blast.

Now, I’m usually a night guy, but there’s something so special about fishing in the morning. It sets the mood for the rest of the day, especially if the bite was right. For me, a morning spent wrangling gator blues is a great morning.