by Jon Waldstein

When it comes to a good surf fishing rod, you should be looking for Endurance, Reliability and Versatility. Something that’s not going to snap in half while you’re reeling in a big ass fish.  A rod that won’t deteriorate and will last at least a few years if not a lifetime. Also it should be versatile enough for different situations. Enter the St Croix Triumph Surf Rod.


The St Croix Triumph Surf Rod is the first high quality rod I have ever purchased.  Up until then, my budget for fishing gear was minimal so It usually consisted of the cheapest durable rod and reel I could find.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with going the cheap route – you buy what you can afford – I just wanted something that would last longer and be capable of pulling in larger fish.  My mindset for gear has also changed over the years.  I would rather spend the extra 50 bucks on a better quality piece of equipment that will out last something cheaper.

Triumph Models

The Triumph comes in a few different sizes and models:


  • 7 Foot 1 Piece: TSRS70M
  • 8 Foot 2 Piece: TSRS80M2
  • 9 Foot 2 Piece: TSRS90M2
  • 10 Foot 2 Piece: TSRS100M2


  • 9 Foot 4 Piece: TSRS90M4
  • 10 Foot 4 Piece: TSRS100M4


I personally own the St Croix Triumph Surf Rod 9 Foot 2 Piece model (TSRS90M2).  It is the ultimate warrior in the surf. I have used it surf fishing for over 2 years now in every condition you can think of from Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Montauk New York.  It has withstood big stripers and gator bluefish from the shore as well as harsh storm conditions without batting an eye.   


As a New England based angler, I needed something versatile that can be used on the rocks, piers, and open beach.  The 9 foot triumph TSRS90M2 is really the perfect size. It really fits the bill when you want to have a ‘daily driver’ rod that can be used in all kinds of situations.  The 8 foot triumph TSRS80M2 seemed a bit too small to get the lure out there, and the 10 foot triumph TSRS100M2 seemed a little unnecessarily bulky for 90% of my fishing.  I will say the 7 foot triumph TSRS70M felt awesome at the store for schoolie stripers and is on my bucket list of rods to get.


The triumph is very durable.  Throughout the fishing season, I will keep my pole strapped on top of my car at all times.  It has done a great job holding up against corrosion and natural environments.  On top of that, I’m out using it to fish 3-4 days a week, so it has also been able to perform and not snap in half while reeling in a fish.  I will say that the plastic parts around the rod guides have not all held up.  Part of that is how I treat my poles.  One time I slipped on a jetty rock and landed right on my triumph surf rod.  It did not break, but the plastic rod guide part cracked.  Although, I still continue to use the rod without replacing it.  One cool thing to note, is that St. Croix has really affordable replacement parts for your rod.  So in case you lose the upper part of your rod – you can just replace that part for a reasonable price instead of shelling out the full cost for a new rod.

Rod Flex: Triumph vs Mojo

I love the medium flex on the rod. It’s perfect for striped bass and gator blues which are my bread and butter.  You can really feel every bite. Before pulling the trigger on the triumph, I tested out the St. Croix Mojo surf spinning rod to compare the two.  Even though the mojo is more expensive, I didn’t like the heavier flex – it was way too stiff and would not be enjoyable for a daily driver surf rod. Unless, you were after an 11+ foot rod for big water and rough winds, it would be beneficial to have more of a backbone; but at 9 foot, the triumph’s flex is perfect.


I’m really happy with the st croix triumph surf rod.  It seems to fit my needs as a striper focused surf angler.