by Jon Waldstein

I headed to the breech-way right after work to get away from the computer and see if there was any Fishtivity going on.  Normally I would head straight to the point and get a good spot for sundown.  Except for this time, when I got to the beach, I saw a flock of birds pounding the water away from the jetty.  My adrenaline started flowing through my veins like that scene in Pulp Fiction when my boy John Travolta stabbed that chick in the chest with an adrenaline needle to revive her from overdosing.

I literally ran half a mile to where the birds were crashing.  It was around a bend of Montauk style hopping rocks.  When I got up close I saw the baitfish jumping out of the water trying to escape their underwater predators.  As my hands were shaking, I managed to pull out a super strike little neck popper and began to cast repeatedly.  Of course, just as I got all set up the blitz started moving its way around the bend.  So I staggered around the rocks trying to catch up with it.  When I got all the way around the bend I saw the blitz was in full force, with a fleet of about 6 other fishermen hooking up left and right in a non-accessible beach.

So I threw out my popper and on the first cast BAM!  a healthy striper slammed it.  I jumped off the rocks into the sand to get a better landing spot.  After a nice little fight, she was in.  A nice keeper size that would see another day.

The blitz only lasted 30 minutes or so until it was gone, but a few nice stripers came out of it and a starting milestone for the rest of the season was born.