by ReelQuacker

Buddy called me and wanted to go out for blackfish, who am I to say no to fishing? Met up at the launch around 3:30, ran out to a well-known spot as there were already four or five boats there. in 30 minutes we went through maybe 25 crabs tops and had an extremely easy limit with my son catching the largest at 7-8 pounds. we caught about 10-12 Tog left and went to go mess with schoolies which was extremely slow in the river. They must have followed the herring up or have moved out to the sound. Fishing was incredible today, hopefully tomorrow is a repeat. And after catching a sea lamprey yesterday I managed to catch a sea horse.

Gear: Shimano Teremar NE , Abu Garcia Revo inshore, 30# braid to 30# flouro tides tail 1.5 oz jig/ Shimano Teremar SE, Shimano Cardiff, 30# braid to 30# flouro, tide tail 1 oz jig, asian crabs