by Jon Waldstein

This summer has been pretty slow for me in Rhode Island.  Although, this past week gave me a bit of hope for fall.

@holdenfish and I went out on his boat to Watch Hill and Quonnie Pond.  When we first got past barn island, there were pockets of blitzes that looked like striped bass.
Unfortunately, by the time we got to them, they were already gone. We headed toward the lighthouse and surrounding areas and ran into plenty of porgies.  They were jumbo sizers and were everywhere.  We also landed a few mini sea bass. Thankfully, only a few sea robins.

The next stop was Quonnie Pond to Weekapaug. We finally found some fluke in these waters. Nothing capable of keeping, but still fun and happy to see some flatties.

A few days later I got out the surfcasting gear and headed to the Weekapaug breechway for an hour after work. I caught 5 fluke, all under keeper size. Last year I was catching keeper fluke from shore. It seems like this year they’re all too small. Still fun, but would like to start eating what I catch again.