by Holden Stern

Sometimes you just get lucky. Last weekend I trekked out to a diamond in the rough spot, in the corner of southwest Rhode Island. Although Rhode Island is duped the “ocean state”, it provides some remarkable freshwater fishing. I met up with @jonwaldstein for a day out on the river with the fly rods. Trout were our main target, but anything would have been nice.

We loaded a two person canoe with the fishing essentials and prepared to set sail. As Jon loaded his gear, I threw a couple practice casts off the main dock. A black wooly bugger with a bead head was the fly of choice, as this particular river body remains relatively deep throughout. The retrieve was slow 6 inch strips with a pause in between. Second cast I had a take, and I set the hook hard. Fish on! As I brought the fish to land, I realized I had a healthy sized Rainbow trout, probably around 14 inches or so. My first fish on a fly rod this year and it felt damn good.

There were no more fish to be had the remainder of the day for me, but that’s fine. The enjoyment of fishing isn’t always about catching fish. It’s about the man to nature connection, and breathing fresh air. Getting your legs moving and clearing your mind. On the water it’s just you, your fishing gear, and the water.. something I am eternally grateful for.

*Almost forgot to mention, @jonwaldstein got his first trout on the fly on a green bugger (congrats dude). The way that fish hit that fly was like nothing i’ve ever seen. Like the snapshot you see in books of a trout mid-air. A hell of an acrobat that trout was. No picture but i’ll vouch for the catch.