by ReelQuacker

Friday 6/9 went out with my buddy, hooked up with a doormat easily a 10-12 pound fish but avoided the net and broke my rod tip in the process. Ran to Fishermans Paradise and purchased a TFO MH 7′ rod. This rod has been a fluke whooping stick since then.    Saturday 6/10 headed to Norwalk, which has gotten better managed 5 fluke 1 keeper sized and a bunch of usual sea robins.

Sunday 6/11 went out again and it was absolute lights out for fluke for the first time this season. Left Black Rock harbor and fished a particular spot I have done well in the past. Within two hours both my son and I had limits but we only kept 3 fish. This was the first time we caught more fluke than sea robins. Final fish count was just around 25 fluke and less than 10 sea robins.