by Robert Wolff

Twilight/night fishing for Bass:
Headed out for a few hours the other night for largemouth bass. The swimbait bite was on as I landed 4 bass over three pounds before sunset. All were caught on a regular “pats” swimbait. After dark, I switched to a WSB topwater swimbait. I noticed that being towards the end of spawn and temps not quite where they need to be the bite was very tentative. I only landed one fish, and. Priced I was getting “nipped” at. So I downsized to a wakebait, the Roumba. This also got nipped at, but it’s a small enough profile, I could stop and twitch. It did the trick, and I landed two 4lbers and a 5 before I wrapped up the night. Wakebait s are probably the most effective nighttime bait, and will work from February until November. Expect the topwater bite to improve over the next two weeks! It’s time!