by Holden Stern

The Mianus river is where it’s at (or at least where the fish are at).

Went with a good buddy of mine who showed me around the river and lead me to some awesome spots that produced some beautiful trout. My lure of choice was a bumble bee pattern spinner with a gold blade (1/8oz). The first spot I hit enticed a flash of a nice rainbow trout that was inspecting my lure. I tossed is back over the same spot, and boom fish on. A nice healthy rainbow. I released it and moved upstream, stopping at deep pools of whirling stream water. Sure enough the 4 or 5 spots I hit ended in a fish on, with a total count of 5 nice sizers, both rainbow and brown trout.

Will be back to fish this stream again very soon.

Shout out to OD for showing me around the river, too many secret spots to count!