by ReelQuacker

Went out this morning around 6:00 am to find some flatties. first drift within minutes managed to get the first and only keeper fluke of the day right at 19″. a few minutes after that I also got a 13″ winter flounder. after that short spurt of action it turned into a sea robin party early caught 50+ sea robins. Overall we managed 5 fluke shorts two of which were 18″ which would have been legal last year.  the wind jumped from 5 mph to 18 so we ran up the river to target stripers. we marked a lot of bait and bass but they were completely unwilling to feed with the incoming tide. We fished depths from 10-40 feet hoping the shallower water would provide warmer temps and collect the the bait fluke would follow. It wasn’t the best opener but I was still excited to collect the ultra rare winter flounder and a mighty intense sunburn.