by Holden Stern

Launched out of black rock harbor around 9am. Immediately after launching, ran into schools of adult bunker. Headed to deeper water with fluke rigs, and jigged for fluke. 2 sea robins on the first drift. Moved from spot to spot with no luck. Headed to the reef and fished soft plastics for stripers. My buddy who I was fishing with caught a nice chunky schoolie first cast, but no luck after. Trolled back through the harbor and had a fish on but lost it. Anchored up and cast an SP minnow and immediately hooked up with a decent fish. As I brought it to the boat, I realized I had a decent bluefish. Was surprised to see them this early in the spring. Released to fight another day. We drifted inshore and snagged bunker with bucktails (all we had). We headed back out and live-lined the bunker. My buddy hooked up with a gator blue, fought him the boat then took a nice run and broke free. While trying to snag bunker with a bunker pattern paddle tale (go figure), I hooked up with a nice tailor blue. We continued to fish with no action until we packed it up around 4pm. A great spring day out on the LIS!