by ReelQuacker

Went out Saturday to Norwalk and fished my usual mid-summer spots. managed a few fluke right off the bat all between 16-18″. moved to another spot and got beat up by sea robins then relocated again. Drifted up a rocky slope from 30′ to 10′ of water and managed a 20″ fluke. relocated again to a deep hole that always has some sort of fish. this time it was blues and they took some of my rigs. called it a day due to lack of gear. I did mark a lot of bunker over every bit of structure and stripers not far behind.

Tuesday May 23- ran out with my brother around 1000 for a bit. Fished a river for fluke, shallow water is my favorite and it paid off. In a few drifts caught 8 flatties ranging from 15″ to 19″ from 10′ to 25′ of water. dabbled in some real shallow water 3-8′ throwing 1/2 oz spros tipped with gulp but nothing yet.